Good Things Should Come Easily

There is value in "hard work" and inspired action, but the truth is good things should and usually do come easily for us. Think about it

The best times of your life have probably happened in a very fluid, natural fashion. Am I wrong?

I'm not saying we can sit back, do nothing, and have everything we desire. Actually I think this is possible but that's not what I'm writing about here. My point in this post is that a lot of rushing about, furrowing our brows, and straining against life is not what it takes to generate amazing results.

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The really good stuff almost always comes to us with ease and joy.

I remember in my twenties, I was what society would call "lazy". All I did was have fun and hang out with friends.

I seldom worked, yet never did without. And quite often people we're giving me things, including cars and places to live!

I somehow forgot this aspect of my life when it came time to "grow up" and "get responsible". For years I worked hard, set goals, and so forth, and quite frankly it was hell in some ways.

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