Top 05 MPEG editing software applications

MPEG is one of the most popular video file formats available in the multimedia world. The high compatibility nature of MPEG file is the main reason behind it's popularity. In this advanced world, you will be able to edit your home videos in a best and efficient manner. There are various MPEG editor converter software applications available in the market to satisfy your needs. These software applications will help you a lot to edit and personalize your MPEG videos. Please find below the list of top 05 MPEG editor converter software applications available in the multimedia world.

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05) Windows Movie Maker: This is perhaps the most popular MPEG editor converter software application. You can easily edit your MPEG files using this software. But Windows Movie Maker is only compatible with MPEG, MP4 and MPG files. You cannot edit advanced file versions like HD videos, FLV etc using this software.

04) imovie: This software is only compatible in the MAC platform. It is a highly user friendly software and has many advanced features. You can mix two videos together to form one video using this software.

03) Videothang: Videothang is suitable for people who wants to do basic editing and cropping. It is possible to add transitions and special effects using this software.

02) Blender: Blender is a sophisticated software application which can be used in both Windows and MAC platforms. It offers various functions and you can combine photos, videos and audio files very easily.

01) Wondershare Video editor: This is the most sophisticated MPEG editor converter available in todays world. You can easily do video mixing using this software. It is also possible to convert the file formats using this editor. This software is compatible with both Windows and MAC platforms and this is the main reason behind it's popularity.


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