Opposition Into Turning National Parks Into Campground

National parks can be found in many states. For example, Alaska has eight national parks. This is a large number for just one state, most states have less and some states have none. National parks are great vacation spots where you can see the most beautiful land in the country. The Grand Canyon is part of a national park, and is one of the most notable landmarks in the world. There are many reasons why certain groups don't want to allow campground establishment in national parks. One of course is the preservation of the landscape and animals who reside there.

Many national parks are home to endangered animals, and building campgrounds may drive those animals away. Also, many of the native plants found in national parks are rare and should be protected also. There has to be some land in our country that is left untouched by the hands of man and some believe this should be our national parks. By establishing campgrounds there will be a definite civilization of these wild areas.

After all, when campgrounds are established there is need for clear land on which campers can erect tents and build campfires. Some campgrounds also include running water, WiFi Internet and even electricity hookups. There may be little harm done by a lone camper pitching a tent in the middle of a forest but building a big campground for groups of campers may damage the delicate land preserved by our national government.

If you are opposed to turning our national parks into campgrounds, your best course of action is to get involved. By writing to your government representative as well as the Department of the Interior who runs the National Park Service (NPS) you can make your opinion known. You may even want to join a group in your area, because groups can make a larger impact than one person. Consider signing petitions that support our national parks, and always vote. By registering your vote you are making your voice heard and can make a difference in how the national parks in the United States are managed.

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