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If you're serious about blogging, you should have already realised that the most important aspect is the number of readers you have. But, the thing is, readers will not come looking for your blog - you will have to "sell" it to them. This article will tell you how

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The easiest way to publicize your blog is through paid-advertising via services such as Google AdWords. But, paid-advertising has two disadvantages:

  1. You have to pay for it (pretty obvious), and
  2. It's usually not as effective as it seems or is said to be.

When you think, an advert can cost something like $0.05 per click - that's $50 for 1,000 clicks. If that seems like a decent deal to you, then go for it!

But in my opinion, it is not! You can get nearly 10 times that from just StumbleUpon for free! (in a month) And that, in addition with all the traffic from other referrers (and of course direct traffic), is quite a lot

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