EA, Other Publishers and the Online Code

Well it looks like Electronic Arts and other big publishers are not on the side of gamers, or at least those who like to buy used games. Ever wanted a game but couldn't buy it at release because you we're already backlogged with multiple games you haven't even finished yet? Or had had one too many Mai Tais at the bar and then realized you had to wait until you got your next paycheck (blame it on the alcohol) to buy the game but then it was either out of stock or discontinued? Well if you've ever been forced to buy a great used game, then do not expect to be able to get online with it with online games going forward. Nope, looks like many of us are out of luck on this.

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Instead, gamers who purchase a copy of THQ's UFC Undisputed 2010 or an EA game such as Madden NFL 11 at retail that hadn't been previously played/purchased will have to enter a one-time use code to be able to play online indeath-matchesand tournaments. No longer will you be able to play a used online game out of the box. To put money back in their pockets, big-name game publishers are now requiring buyers of used games to pay a fee, ranging from $5 to $10, for a new access code to be able to play these games online. While it makes good business sense, and I do see the logic in this, will gamers who buy used buy into this new paradigm?

The gaming industry is going through many changes now with lower sales, relatively old hardware, more advanced software, new control types and new hardware on the horizon. With the world still in the grip of a global recession, the gaming industry is looking for new ways to stay afloat, even as systems and games sales are lowering little by little. Innovation is key, not just in software but in also in business practices. The task ahead now is to see what say the gamers. Will there be silent monetary protests with used-game gamers not bothering with the purchase of these access codes? Or will they embrace it and burgeon a new standard in game purchasing?

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