What affects me affects everyone around me...

There is no doubt that parents and CEOs are held on a pedestal and to a high standard. I can tell by watching my daughter watch me when I'm having a bad day that what's happening to me is happening to her as well. In fact it is through the reflection in her eyes that I am reminded that I kind of gave up the right to "have a bad day in public" when I accepted the role as parent. Funny, I don't remember taking that test at the time I was signing up for parenthood. Anyway, yesterday I could see that same reflection in the eyes of my team at the office and it hit home quickly that being the CEO and being a parent are quite similar. Of course, I'm not leading children at the office and many times they are the ones guiding and pulling me down the right path. But the link remains regardless.

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I guess what occurs to me this morning is that the bond or link that certainly exists between a leader (parent) and a team member (child) has a way of impacting moods, motivation, outlook and performance in a viral kind of way. In the best of relationships the positive "impacts" override and create the effect of "strength in the team" or the union. When one is down the others compensate and lift them up. But when a leader is down they literally drag the whole team down and that is BAD. Therefore if you are the leader or parent, it comes with an even higher standard, or responsibility, to shield the team or child from your own short comings and negativity. They are counting on that every day and they are expecting that from you every day.

This, I guess, is part of mature leadership and part of what an old director of mine years ago meant when he said to me "Drew, no matter how hard you work and no matter how fast they promote you around here, you simply can not get 30 years experience in a day less than 30 years."

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