Colorful Modern Bistro in Downtown Poland

Modern cafe type such as modern bistro is popping up many corner of the world. Growing cafe and restaurant popularity nowadays means more innovation and improvisation in it's service and design. Bistro popularity is growing with the increasing middle-class consumer who demands comfort over price. A bistro is a cafe that doubles as a restaurant serving food in a relaxed atmosphere. Bistro is the more common name for a cafe that serves a range of prices in the secondary. This is why bistro is called the middle-class cafe in many countries.

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Bistro Furnishings

Designer Anna Kobylka and Olga Sietnicka manage to create this colorful and minimalist bistro cafe design. Colorful is the new trend for many teenagers and new adults who had dynamic life. As you can see in the pictures, pastel colors are dominating the whole interior. You can see that the wall is painted in light green, light blue and light yellow. While the floor color are green and yellow. Not only the wall and floor, this colorful pastel colors can be seen in the bistro furnishings . Its retro chairs and stools have different color each. This is to create a sense of intimacy and special sitting for each consumer.

Unconventional Bistro

Large couch is also available in the bar room which have large windows for cafe guests to see the outside views. This bistro also has several wooden furnishings with it's light brown color. While different, these furnishings still blended nicely with overall bistro interior. Located in Poland, colorful like this is surely different with other buildings which many still resembles the old Soviet architecture.

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