Guest Post: The Importance of Branding Consistency

If you do not currently put your logo on any of these items, you should, as this is another opportunity to entrench your brand in people's minds.

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You should also create a tag-line that concisely communicates what you do and how you stand out from your competition. If you can link this to your brand, your branding efforts will become that much more powerful. A good example for a company that provides coffee for offices could be something like Warm Beverages That Make You Feel Good Inside. This would be a good tag-line as it says what they do (providing warm beverages) and connects to a feeling (warm feeling inside). Again, consistency is key; using the same tag-line and message with your brand at all times will increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Places To Use Your Tagline

You should use your tag-line with you brand in as many places a possible. This would include things like.

  • business cards
  • invoices
  • website (below your logo on every page)
  • direct mail pieces
  • letter head
  • news paper advertisements
  • email signatures
  • in sales meetings
  • on your voice mail answering service
  • in written communications with prospects
  • and anywhere your logo is

Having someone remember a logo image offers benefits as people are more willing to buy from companies they feel they know. The true value of branding, though, comes from having people attach positive thoughts and feelings to your brand. When you can do this, they will become eager to buy. A great example of this I think is Coke. Their tag-line is Open happiness. I like this tag-line because it creates positive feelings for their brand, which makes people want to buy Coke. A great example is this commercial. Notice all the red and white, Coke logos and how the message from the commercial communicates the tag-line-open happiness. After watching the commercial, how can you not want to buy a bottle of coke?

Branding is only one component of successfully marketing your business. Your branding needs to be intertwined with your great marketing strategy and plan. If you are doing branding and you don't yet have a marketing plan, your marketing plan is what you need to do immediately. Without a plan, how can you know where you are going? If you need help creating a marketing plan or have never created one before, you can download a free marketing plan template.

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