It's been a trip!

I've been lazy in posting my final day of the trip, and I think it's because I've done this leg a few times and there isn't too much exciting between Sault Ste. Marie and home. There are Central Ontario views (trees and the Canadian Shield), the Ottawa River and Valley and construction. Not sure when they do construction out west because we ran into very little, but they do it where ever you are driving in Ontario. It was a very long day with many stops. One thing I did notice though is that they could build a few more road-side stops with port-a-potty facilities (with accompanying signage).

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The most interesting view we had that day was a poor woman who must not have been able to wait one more second. She was a passenger on a motorcycle and she was answering the call of nature in open view right beside the road. Almost caused an accident! I had to yell at the husband to watch the (And no no picture. She may have thrown her modesty to the wind out of necessity but I wouldn't exploit it.)

It's been a huge trip for me just over 10,ooo kms and half of it alone. It has been frightening and empowering at the same time. When I left home to head west I was extremely nervous; it was a long way on many roads that I hadn't previously traveled. I learned that it's great to be able to get up and go as the whim hits, change route or take time for that second cup of coffee. No one complained or pushed me to hurry up. But it's not as much fun with no one along to share the experiences with. While the countryside was still beautiful, I did miss someone to share the high spots with. But I'd still do it all over again. What a fabulous country we have.

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